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JobsOhio’s managing directors and other senior level team members are experts in business and industry with decades of experience at some of the world’s leading companies. Our executives regularly publish blogs that provide valuable insight, expert commentary and general information about topics relevant to Ohio economic development. Their thought leadership helps business leaders – both those in Ohio and those thinking about coming to Ohio – learn about and understand the benefits of doing business in Ohio.


Fintech71: Where Financial Leadership Meets Industry Innovation

Ohio is a catalyst to never before seen industry collaboration
Andrew Deye, senior director, JobsOhio
December 21, 2017

JobsOhio supports Fintech71, which brings fintech startups together with market leaders in financial services and insurance. Not only did this initiative positively impact the scale-up companies, it also sparked innovation with current market leaders.


Managing Credit Risk Through Artificial Intelligence

Fintech71 Spotlight: James
Terry Gore, director of financial services, JobsOhio
December 18, 2017

Startups look at real-world problems and commit to solving them. This is how the founders of James came across their idea for a fintech SaaS company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to innovate how banks manage credit risk.


Fintech71 Opens Brilliant Minds from Across the Globe to Fintech in Ohio

Startups experience Ohio’s fintech influence
Valentina Isakina, managing director of financial services, JobsOhio
December 18, 2017

Ohio’s fintech accelerator, Fintech71, closes out its first year. The program welcomed several exceptional companies from across the globe, some who had previous experience with Ohio and others who did not. Ohio’s fintech and financial services benefits during the program proved to be valuable resources.


New Economic Development Guide Highlights Ohio’s Thriving Business Environment

Guide showcases success stories of capital investments in Ohio
Andrew Deye, senior director, JobsOhio
December 5, 2017

In recent years, Ohio has climbed toward the top of national rankings for its business climate and desirable assets for companies. Conway Global and JobsOhio have partnered on an investment guide filled with case studies, success stories and facts about what is going on throughout the state and why Ohio is great for businesses.


Keidanren Visit Reinforces Ohio’s Value to International Companies

Companies Across the Globe are Investing in Ohio
Andrew Deye, senior director of strategy, sales and research, JobsOhio
November 28, 2017

Ohio’s business climate attracts companies worldwide. Japan, like many countries that have invested in Ohio, has witnessed the success of Japanese investments in the state. As a result, Japan places high value on the relationship it has with Ohio stakeholders. Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation, visited Ohio to build on an already strong relationship between the state and Japanese business leaders, citing that Ohio is their most important partnership.


There’s No Place Better than Ohio for Smart Mobility

Ohio has the right mix of resources to research, test and, ultimately, bring to market smart mobility technologies
Kristi Tanner, senior managing director of automotive, JobsOhio
November 20, 2017

Ohio’s mix of industry, university, nonprofit and government partners are coming together to create a living lab for autonomous and connected vehicles. The innovation is contagious and its benefits are continuing to attract companies exploring smart mobility.